150 years of the Tube

by sarahkante

Trial trip on the Metropolitan line, circa 1754 Construction of the Metropolitan Railway, London, 1866. Reading on tube, 1960 Underground Busker, 1979 First woman tube driver, 1978 London Underground train, 1937 Blackfriars underground Station, 15th May 1875 London Underground ticket machine, 1932 Last day of drinking on London Underground London Unnderground, Customer Complaint, 1922 People sleeping on tube during second world war Soldiers returning home on tube after D-day 1945 Interior of 70's London underground train Underground Train, circa 1900 Crowded London Underground carriage Interior of an underground train carriage, London, c 1930 London Underground, circa late 1800's Londoners sleeping underground in subway during war, 1941 Piccadilly Line tube Extension, 1930

The Guardian